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    KT_config.inc.php File Not found

      I am working on a simple record insert to DB using the insert record wizard. When I test the php page on my local computer using Xampp on windows XP everything works fine.

      Hoewever when I upload the page and needed files to my production server I get the following error:

      File not found:
      Please upload the includes/ folder to the testing server.

      I check and made sure KT_config.inc.php was on the production server along with all files in the includes folder and everything was in the correct location in relation to the root directory. I tried uploading the files via DW and via a third party ftp client. I tried changing the permissions for all of the files to CHMOD 777 to see if that would do anything. I even went as far as unistalling DW and ADDT, reinstalling them and recreated the files in a new site profile and I still get the same error. So I am stumped.. I called my hosting provider and they could not find anything on their end or really be of much help.

      I searched through this forum and could not find anything pertaining to this issue, so I thought I would see if anyone has experience this issue and knows how to fix it before I call Adobe Support.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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          This is a hard issue to give advice on. The error you're getting seems to indicate that your paths are wrong.

          Do you have your includes folder in the root? Where is your php script located in relation to the root of your site? Same folder or different?

          All of your require_once('../includes/common/KT_common.php'); settings need to have the correct paths to work.

          Please describe your directory tree structure in relation to the root of your site, your includes folder, and the Insert Record file. Then post one of your require_once('../includes/common/KT_common.php'); lines so we can see the path.

          Also, is there a compeling reason why you are first using your local Xampp and then uploading? Why not create your Insert page directly on your server?

          I recommend always developing your sites on the remote server that the site will live on, if at all possible. That way you have no issues transfering from one server config to another when the site is ready to go live. Nothing worse than spending weeks developing a site, only to run into problems transfering the site from a production server to a development server.