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    Lookup another recordset using field from another recordset as key

      Hi - I have 3 recordsets, A, B & C

      Recordset A has user_id as key. Recordsets B & C contain a field with that same user_id (although it is not the key in those cases)

      On the web page:
      I have a repeat region that lists the records in recordset A.

      Within this repeat region (maybe this a second repeat region?), I'd like to display a field from recordset B, using user_id as the filter AS WELL as a field from recordset C, using that same user_id as the filter again. When the matching records of B&C are run through,

      It goes on to the next record in recordset A.

      Any direction, pointers or help would be really appreciated. I know how to make recordsets, regions etc. but I am stuck on how to get a record in a repeating region to look up and display data from another recordset within that region.

      Also, if you are an ADDT wizard and are looking for a gig let me know (hope this is ok in this forum).