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    Recommend You Use a Database Naming Convention

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      Hello all,

      It seems one of the common problems people have is accidentally using reserved words when creating database tables. MySQL has a long list of reserved words, and even ADDT does not like you to use user(or maybe users).

      To avoid all possible problems with using reserved words, I recommend using a database naming protocol.

      You can use a recommended standards based naming convention, or use your own. I do something like this:

      table name:

      field names:
      id_usr - this is my primary key field

      If you use compound names, you should avoid any chance of using a reserved word. Use a naming convention that lets you distiguish between similar fields from different tables makes it much easier to know what table a field belongs to. If you have 3 tables all with a "name" field, it might get confusing. Howver if you use a naming convention, you might have name_users, name_members, and name_admins to distinguish the different tables.