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    Do not pass id by url

      my contest is a "Dynamic list" page.
      I don't want to pass the "id" by Url (the "edit" link).
      In what way can I pass it through a session variable?

      Günter, forgot to tell you not bad your italian, certainly better than my english
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          Gabrinskie Level 1
          this is my way (hope it is the right one):

          I saw the "Using a Dummy table: how to outsmart ADDT" tutorial by Günter:

          1. Create an Update Record Transaction -> Dummy table
          (redirect to the "edit page")

          2. Create a custom trigger to set the session variable
          //start Trigger_activeID trigger
          function Trigger_activeID(&$tNG) {
          $_SESSION['activeID'] = $tNG->getColumnValue("dummytext");
          //end Trigger_activeID trigger

          Add it into Register triggers
          $upd_dummy->registerTrigger("AFTER", "Trigger_activeID", 50);

          3. Create the hidden field "dummytext"

          4. The edit link become a submit button calling a Javascript function:
          ... onclick="get_activeID('dummytext', '')"

          this into the head tag:
          function get_activeID(myfield, myID){
          document.getElementById(myfield).value = myID;

          ... anyway thanks to Günter
          God takes care for him (from italian: Dio lo conservi)