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    Forum search engine

      Why always, always, always "No matching items were found."
      for all common words??

      (tried with: or, and, &, and, come on, please, I pray you)

      I must use google to make a search in this forum

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          Günter Schenk Level 4
          Hi Gabriele,

          I reckon that Adobe´s internal search engine for these forums behave like most other "company internal" search engines out there, which will treat words like "or", "and", "&" as so-called "stop words" which are simply getting ignored.

          This also depends on the database -- if it´s a MySQL database, such search terms are indeed getting ignored by default, and if they´re using an older MySQL version, the "fulltext" search capability wouldn´t even be available.

          I must use google to make a search in this forum

          yeah, Google most assumingly has a *far* better search engine.

          Günter Schenk
          Adobe Community Expert, Dreamweaver