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    delete detail record whit files and folder?

      i use the delete-detail-Records, which works well for the table-data in the database.

      i just have a problem to delete the files and the folder.
      the folder i create by the upload for the detail record, has the master-record-ID as name.

      so i did this modification by the delete-trigger:
      $tblDelObj->addFile("{pic}", "../../Pics/{GET.ID}/");

      but its not working... i did a test once whit write the ID manually like this:
      $tblDelObj->addFile("{pic}", "../../Pics/36/"); and it works like that!

      i send the ID normal whit the URL like that from the page before:

      seems like this {GET.ID}is not working... can i trace this somewhere?

      thanks for any help