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    Tutorial announcement :: send the welcome email before the activation ::

    Waleed Barakat Level 1
      - Welcome i am happy to see you here.

      in this tiny script i`ll show you how to send the "welcome message" after the user clicks on the "Activate my account" link, then he got the "welcome message" tells him thank you for registering in my site, or whatever you want to tell. you will learn how to customize all of that later...

      - Now try to register and:
      * you will receive your activation message. then .
      * you will receive your welcome message after.

      - i do that because i guess there is something missed or accidentally done, when you register normally using the account activation option, the (2) two messages (activation) & (welcome) sent together not separately, but mentally the welcome message should sent after the member becomes a registered or permissioned to login to his account.

      - i am here to today to fix this problem and show you how to send the messages only if the user clicks on the activation link.

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