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    Two Form buttons - a "submit" and an "Add Another Record" button

      Hello, any help would be appreciated . I think what I want to do requires a Custom Trigger but am not sure. And if it does, I'm not sure how to do it.

      I've got a form and when the user gets to the point where they want to submit the form, I want need two buttons; a Submit button and an "Add another Record" button.

      The reason is that the form contains two parts; two fields that go into one table (ex. incident and location) and two fields that go into another table (first name and last name). Of course these tables are tied together. I can do that no problem. But if the user wants to enter another person's name, I want the user to click the Add Another Record button and be able to add the second or third name.

      I know that I need a Custom Trigger to carry the original tables ID. What I can't figure out is how to add the additional button next to the Submit button.


      Peter T2