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      Hello Everyone,

      Step By Step Photo Album Web Site...
      - hello in this application i`ll show you how to create an easy and powerful photo album that allows your site members to create their albums using advanced technology where you can upload your photo with multi photo upload.
      database structure:
      * database structure contains only one table, where we store the members data only, not the album photos.

      - to create the database table just copy and past this simple SQL code:

      CREATE TABLE `user_usr` (
      `id_usr` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
      `name_usr` varchar(32) NOT NULL,
      `pass_usr` varchar(32) NOT NULL,
      `email_usr` varchar(32) NOT NULL,
      `gender_usr` varchar(32) NOT NULL,
      `photo_usr` varchar(100) NOT NULL,
      `regdate_usr` date NOT NULL,
      PRIMARY KEY (`id_usr`);

      By following this tutorial section, you will create:

      1- the login page "login.php"
      2- the registration page "register.php"
      3- simple navigation pages "header.php, nav.php"
      4- Simple Footer page "footer.php"
      5- the main Application page "index.php"
      6- the public photos album "public_album.php"
      7- the Private photos album "priv_album.php"
      8- the insert and update and delete album photos page "add_to_album.php"

      The estimated completion time for this section is about 10 minutes. It depends on your authoring knowledge with Adobe Dreamweaver and Developer Toolbox.

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      by: http://www.developer-online.com