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    Show Dynamic Thumbnail

      almost all works fine. this is an almost good new.
      My page has 3 different Trigger_ImageUpload and 3 Show Dynamic Thumbnail
      (not multiple image upload).
      I can upload and see the thumbnails.

      The problem is the popup window link: $objDynamicThumb1->getPopupLink();

      $n variable should be 3
      .... count($_SESSION['tng_popup'][$this->id]['files']); // from tNG_DynamicThumbnail.class.php

      but i have 0:
      .... includes/tng/pub/popup_image.php?id=KT_thumbnail2&n=0

      with $n set to "0" i cannot get the navigation.
      .... setPopupNavigation(true);

      What goes wrong?
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          Gabrinskie Level 1
          in this function (from tNG_functions.inc.php) something goes lost

          function tNG_showDynamicThumbnail($siteRootPath, $dynamicFolder, $dynamicFileName, $width, $height, $proportional) {
          $id = 'KT_thumbnail'.md5($siteRootPath.'_'.$dynamicFolder.'_'. $dynamicFileName.'_'.$width.'_'.$height.'_'.$proportional);
          if (!isset($GLOBALS[$id]) || !is_object($GLOBALS[$id])) {
          $objDynamicThumb1 = new tNG_DynamicThumbnail($siteRootPath, $id);
          $objDynamicThumb1->setResize($width, $height, $proportional);
          $GLOBALS[$id] = $objDynamicThumb1;
          return $GLOBALS[$id]->Execute();
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            Gabrinskie Level 1
            Solved. Thanks and sorry

            I made a mistake renaming each "KT_thumbnail" parameter in:
            $objDynamicThumb2 = new tNG_DynamicThumbnail("../", "KT_thumbnail");