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    SMTP require authentication. Help!

      EDIT: Sorry I think I posted in the wrong forum..admin..you can move this post to the correct one . . .PHP development!


      I've got everything up and running. I'd tested the new "clients area" out on my local server then on 2 different hosting servers and things were just perfect...up until I uploaded everything to my clients server which requires SMPT authentication.

      I've been trying for a week for the host to give me some help but I have had no success. ( Really bad customer service and I'll be changing my client as soon as his contract ends with them).

      The error message I get is:
      SMTP: SMTP server does no support authentication (code: 250, response: 90plan.ovh.net PIPELINING SIZE 10240000 VRFY ETRN ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES 8BITMIME DSN)>. (EMAIL_FAILED)

      Please could anyone help me. What do I need to find out from the host and how should I modify things so that my client area will work just as it does on my servers?

      I guess I'll have to modify something on these two files..but what?


      function Execute()
      if (is_object($this->error)) {
      return $this->error;
      if ($this->contentFile!='' && file_exists($this->contentFile) && $fp = fopen($this->contentFile, 'r')) {
      $this->content = fread($fp, filesize($this->contentFile));
      } else if ($this->contentFile!='') {
      return new tNG_error('EMAIL_NO_TEMPLATE', array(), array());

      $email = new KT_Email();
      foreach ($this->attachments as $filename) {
      $email->sendEmail($GLOBALS['tNG_email_host'], $GLOBALS['tNG_email_port'], $GLOBALS['tNG_email_user'], $GLOBALS['tNG_email_password'], $this->getFrom(), $this->getTo(), $this->getCc(), $this->getBcc(), $this->getSubject(), $this->getEncoding(), $this->getTextBody(), $this->getHtmlBody());
      if ($email->hasError()) {
      $arr = $email->getError();
      return new tNG_error('EMAIL_FAILED', array(''), array($arr[1]));




      $tNG_email_host = "";
      $tNG_email_user = "myWebSite@me.com";
      $tNG_email_port = "25";
      $tNG_email_password = "myPassword";



      Please help, any advice would be much appreciated.