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    Dynamic List Checkboxes

      Hi, I recently created a dynamic form with several check boxes. I've selected the 1,0 type and I was wondering if there was a way to easily change the second value in the pair. In this case the 0. So if the box is unchecked it puts a 2 or 9, just as an example. I looked through the code and I couldn't find where the value is set. I found this line in the page
      $ins_survey08->addColumn("OV_V", "CHECK BOX_1_0_TYPE", "POST", "OV_V", "0"); and thought that changing the last 0 would do it but it had no effect.

      Any ideas?

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          Hi Maurice. Did you ever have any luck with this? I see this was posted in June and you got no replies. I'm trying to figure out the exact same thing.
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            Joseph07888 Level 1
            Hi I am not 100% but here goes,

            1 = 2

            0 = 9

            $ins_survey08->addColumn("OV_V", "CHECK BOX_1_0_TYPE", "POST", "OV_V", "0");

            $ins_survey08->addColumn("OV_V", "CHECK BOX_2_9_TYPE", "POST", "OV_V", "9");

            This should look at the insert digs and input the select values as requested.

            "0"); / "9"); assumptions is that this is the default val if they have not selected anything and submitted the survey anyway.

            e.g. Answering "great / 10/10" to everything when they want to answer "Yes / No / Liked / Disliked"

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              Hi Joe:
              I tried your method without success. It's fully possible I'm missing something, but I think the problem lies in the fact that the reference to "CHECK BOX_1_0_TYPE" resides in an external file, essentially locking the function within the page to only ever return a 1 or 0.

              I found a workaround which I covered in this thread:

              If you'd be so kind as to review that thread and see if you think I've missed your point, I'd really appreciate it.