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    Help - I Get "Image not Found" error with Show Thumbnails and Repeat Regions

    oicram Level 1
      Using Multiple Image Upload WITHOUT saving to the database, I want to have a repeat region and for each displayed record I want to show the associated image in a thumbnail.

      I have created the "file list recordset".
      I have succesfully made a repeat region that repeats correctly all the records.
      I have created the "show thumbnail" inside the repeat region.

      When I click in the "see detail record" link the image appears correctly associated with the record.

      But in the "List Page" I cannot see any image. Only, image not found.

      Ps- When I change the "file list recordset" I'm able to get instead of "Image not Found" I get the same image to all the listed records.

      Please help me with this,