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    Tutorial Announcement .:: Show/Hide Dynamic Data using Conditional regions ::.

    Waleed Barakat Level 1
      Hello everyone...

      In this tutorial i`ll show you how to Show/Hide elements in your page.
      page elements can be described as the data that belongs to members such as private data, email addresses, phone numbers, private photo, etc.

      Say your site has more than one access levels, 1 for the admin so after he login he redirected to "update_form" page, and another level for site moderators so when they login to their accounts they redirected to same page "update_form" but with less limited options than the admin.

      Or as we will gonna to do here in this tutorial, giving the member the ability to control his private profile data, show/hide entire profile, show/hide some data in his profile, and so on...

      Estimated time for this tutorial 15 minutes, depends on you experience using dreamweaver cs3 and developer toolbox.

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