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    Tutorial Announcement .:: Searching News Using Keywords ::.

    Waleed Barakat Level 1
      hello friends
      Today i made this new tutorial about searching database using "KEYWORDS", searching by keywords will give you the ability to search through many tables in your database, even in one or more fields in the same table.
      when a searcher type a word, or even complete phrase, the results will be specified to this word or phrase.

      For example if you searched about the word "News", and it mentioned in the news title and news content in tow records, these two records will appear in the search results.

      Results,,, results will be something very advanced, amazing, you can say it`s 70% of MX SiteSearch options.

      Also i included small script that will be very helpful showing the full details page URL dynamically, specially in the results page, this script automatically detecting the Host name, Site name, so it will be very easy to show the full path to the keyword results details page.

      This tutorial will considered as a part of the "news_system" tutorial, and the search application will be included to the news system for more convenient for the reader...

      - we will create 2 pages:

      1- search.php "the search form".

      2- results.php "the results page".

      - Note:
      * The search page will included with the entire news system script as an external file, don`t put anything else in this page except the search form, and it will included within the head section.

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