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    Dynamic List Only Displays Logged In User

    921creative Level 1
      OK, here's another one for you...

      I have an Admin section which uses a Restrict Access to Page behavior to only allow users with an Access level of 2 to load the page. That works fine, and the Session variable [kt_login_id] seems to be intact from login to that page.

      I added a Dynamic List Form on that page, using the Wizard, in order to display and edit the app's users. I have about 3 records in the database to test it. However, the list will only display the record for the currently logged in user (mine), and won't show the rest of them.

      My question is, is this related to the Recordset settings for this page? Do I need to use a Filter for the records, and if so, which Filter should I use?

      Relatedly, does the Recordset Filter you choose affect the Session variable for that page, or is that stored somewhere independently?

      Thanks for any help you can give.