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    Go back to starting page in database list

      Dear Forum,

      I am working on a online database.

      I have a database list form page and a detail form page. I pick a record to update in the list form by a buttom edit and go to the detail form to update it. When I have inserted or update a record form the detail page, I want to go back to the page from where I started in the list form. My list form page display 10 records at a time.

      I think inserting the page nummber of the list form page, from which I picked the record, in the URL of the list form would solve the problem. But I can not get the page number into the URL.

      How can I go back to the list form page from where I started.

      I have the ID of the record, I am able to insert that into the URL. But that don't work

      Who can help me,


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          Günter Schenk Level 4
          Hi watafisi,

          you´re right, I have also noticed that and would be happy if a future version would add this feature -- right now there doesn´t seem to be a solution for this.

          However there might be cases when a user decides to order a Dynamic List so it will always display the last updated record first. In such a scenario the "return to last selected page number" approach would actually make no sense, as I wouldn´t see the last updated record without having to manually return to page 1.

          Günter Schenk
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