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    immediate login, custom redirect not working correctly

      I have a page with some conditional regions on it: show if user is logged in, else show something else. That sort of thing.

      This page is a tease to convince users to register so there a prominent "If you're a member, log in here, if not register for free."

      If someone clicks the Register button, they are taken to the registration page along with a url variable to identify the place they've just come from.

      The registration page has an Immediate Login trigger on it - which has always worked without a hitch.

      The registration page also has some conditional redirect triggers attached to the registration insert. The conditional redirect triggers GET the url variable being passed and if the condition is matched, the registration page sends them back where they came from - just like a login function would - registered and now logged in due to the immediate login trigger.

      This has all worked wonderfully until this past weekend when the whole system fell apart.

      For reasons unknown, the immediate login has stopped working. The redirect continues to work but people are correctly returned to the page with the logged in/logged out conditional regions but doing so without getting logged in, so of course they see the same stuff they just saw - stuff telling them to register or login.

      Immediate login continues from every other direction, just this particular set of redirections seems to totally wonk out the person returning from the registration page properly logged in.

      Anyone with any experience with this kind of thing? It's very essential to the way my web operation works.

      I deeply appreciate any interest or advice.