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    Japanese and English together in database table?

      Hi all, on to my next challenge... ;-)

      I'm wondering if there are any issues with database tables that contain both Japanese and English (Roman) characters. I'm in the process of establishing an online language-learning site that will target (mostly) customers in Japan. As part of the registration process, I need to collect names in kanji (Japanese characters) along with other information in roman script (email, username, password, etc.).

      Right now I have these fields set to utf8_unicode_ci collation. Is this correct? Am I confusing character set with collation? I doubt very many of you have experience in this area, but if you do I'd love to hear from you.

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          Günter Schenk Level 4

          I don´t know if my answer is of help in your particular situation -- however, I once made a CMS with ADDT where form pages had to contain both english & russian input fields, I succeeded having them display the respective chars differently this way:

          1. setting the page´s "content-type" to UTF-8

          2. no need to apply something to the "english" aka roman form fields, but...

          3. adding the following bold stuff to the "value" of a russian field, example for PHP:

          " size="100" maxlength="240" />

          I actually didn´t define any "collation" for the MySQL database, so I can´t say something about that.

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