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    Dependent drop-down in a Dynamic List

      Is there a way to add a dependent drop-down to a Dynamic List?

      I have created a list using a record set, it joins three tables: company, company_to_category_main and company_to_category_sub (two many-to-many join tables).

      In my list I have two drop-downs, one for Main Category the other for Sub Category, these are generated from two tables with ids and descriptions.

      Everything works fine when filtering the list.

      However, Id like to filter by selecting the Main Category and only seeing those items in Sub Category related to the Main Category. This is for an Administration section that will allow us to manage Companies and their assigned categories.

      I tried applying Form Controls > Dependent Drop-down on the Dynamic List but it will only display the Main Category; the Sub Category is blank. I did this manually because neither the Dynamic List Wizard nor the Manage Dynamic List has the ability to implement this functionally.

      In a separate document, I have a successful test using the above Dependent Drop-down combination (test was successful for both the manual process, and the Dependent Drop-down Wizard).

      I dont know if it matters but one other drop-down exists in the Dynamic List, its a manual list. It filters companies that have been published (0=no, 1=yes).

      Thanks for all your help.

      Specs: Mac OSX 10.4.11, Power Mac G5 dual, 2 GHz, 3.5 GB RAM, CS3, Apache 2.2.8, PHP 5.2.5 and MySQL 4.1.22-standard
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          mohnkhan Level 1
          Hi I believe if they have some parent child relationship then its possible to do this..
          i have attempted it once and succeed.
          What I understand from your point is that.
          u want to filter by category , so the category should be the foreign key.
          hence u can do two dynamic lists
          one for master / Parent
          one for detail/ Child

          and then apply dependent drop down.
          well ur published unpublished concept can also be included..
          but u can use only one foreign key as a control key for relationships..
          so u can load them from the select statement.
          May be i didnt fully understand you..

          then you can post ur code in here.
          so if not me some one else may also be able to help you

          hope this helps

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            DdoubleU Level 1
            Thanks mohnkhan,

            As it turns out, I don't need this functionality.

            Nevertheless, as a side note, I found that no dependent drop-down would work on my page, which contains a Dynamic List SB. I tried applying the dependent drop-down wizard directly to the page, in a separate form it did not work. I even tried embedding a file with the Server-Side Include SB (a file with a working dependent drop-down) and still only the first master element will show no depend items in the Sub Category list.

            Strange, must be something in my setup or errant code on the page containing the Dynamic List SB (Im using a recordset to generate my list, maybe its my query causing the problem). I'll have to leave this to others to ponder/test, I must move on.

            Thank you for all your help.