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    How do i do this, please

      Hey All

      I am in need of information on how to use the multiple upload function, but with the databsae intergration?

      What i need to do is upload multiple images and then add them to the database?

      Little unsure how to do this, and help is much appreciated.

      Thanks all
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          benblue Level 1

          the ADDT "Multiple Image Upload with Save to Database" is all you need.

          You've tried it and couldn't work it right, or just haven't found it - not sure which.

          If i remember correctly, and often don't, that particular SB isnt in the menu accessed by hitting "+" on the Server Behaviours Panel, but, only is on the ADDT toolbar.

          It works great for me, because the multiple image upload created new folders for each batch. the "Multiple Image Upload with Save to Database" doesn't - it lets you put them all in the same place.
          (Reminds me i have a question about part of it...ill make another topic:))

          good luck,