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    Moved site to new host, now login function doesn't work


      I just moved my site to a new host (with a slightly different domain) last night, and everything else seems to be working okay. However, the login to access the admin pages is not working (I have two separate, built with two separate "sites in DW).

      It keeps returning the error "You must have the proper credentials to access this page. Please login." I have a very basic setup. On the first login, it's only username & password, no level.

      I tried rebuilding the includes, still no luck.

      Are their server/host specific settings somewhere I should find? I really am at a loss for what's going on.

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          Unfortunately, this might be a hard one to track down. I am assuming you successfully rebuilt your database tables on the new server and imported all the data successfully.

          This might be related to how your new hosting handles $_SESSION variables.

          If you still have access to the old server, run a php_info(); on both servers and compare the php setups. This is a good starting point.

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            un a php_info(); on both servers and
            b compare the php setups.

            just thought i'd chime in, for anyone who may be somewhat new, or, just unfamiliar, with file comparison programs, and say that having one has saved me over and over..dont know how i ever got by without!

            so if you dont have one, i highly recommend Beyond Compare. there may be better/others out there, but this one for me is a life-saver.

            this would be a place to use it: to compare your php_info() results and easily see any differences.

            May not be news to Cassy, but hopefully to someone!