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    What to do after a User Registers

      I did the tutorial on how to make a user registration system, however I need additional help.

      I understand how to setup a user registration system but I need help with AFTER they register. I'll explain my scenario:

      I have a website that sells items that require users to upload pictures and copy(paragraphs/text) related to the item. After they register how do I make it so users can select my item and upload their content. Then after they upload their content it stores all THEIR content on the database?

      I need to make it so I can pull down each user's content i.e. pictures and text from the database.

      Please help out a.s.a.p. thank you.
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          Günter Schenk Level 4
          Hi Ari,

          I suggest to add an extra column (int) to e.g. a products table and - when adding a new record - store the Session Variable "kt_login_id" in here -- once a record has been clearly allocated to a certain user, it´s rather easy to filter the records "per user" by adding a WHERE clause to the recordset which checks against the "kt_login_id" Session Variable, like that:

          "SELECT * FROM tablename WHERE extracolumnname" equals the Session Variable "kt_login_id".

          Günter Schenk
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            I need to set permissions so users can access the order form page.
            How do I setup the phpmyadmin structure as far as setting which values to NULL or NOT NULL?