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    Url rewrite logout issues

      Hi all
      I have a .htaccess rewrite of serverside includes from list working great with custom url re-writes etc... has urls like this: http://www.xxx.co.uk/index.php?cms=p&page_id=9 converted to http://www.xxx.co.uk/this_is_page_9_seo_example_text-9p.htm
      my navigation, contextual menus, tag clouds and all other links are sorted perfectly

      Problem arises when I want to make certain pages restricted only to logged in users, I can login ok but can never log out successfully as the &KT_logout_now=1 is added to a url that is not the index.php
      That is this works fine wih re-write off: index.php?cms=p&page_id=9&KT_logout_now=1 however this just doesn't work: http://www.xxx.co.uk/this_is_page_9_seo_example_text-9p.htm&KT_logout_now=1

      Not sure where to change this? I believe i need to alter KT_functions.inc.php but I am confused on where to start in 1800 lines of code...

      Any help very gratefully received