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      Hi Folks,<br /><br />Could someone explain me how i should use this variable:<br /><br />>$_SESSION[user_info]['name']<br /><br />in here: <br /><br />>$ins_wic_transaction_trs->addColumn("name_trs", "STRING_TYPE", "SESSION", "<variable goes here>", "");<br /><br />Its part of a insert record transaction.<br /><br />When i use a more basic variable it works fine :)<br /><br />Thanks in advance for any answers.<br />Symvar
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          Symvar,<br /><br />ADDT markup cannot handle array $_SESSION variables like: $_SESSION[user_info]['name']<br /><br />With a simple $_SESSION variable like $_SESSION[user_info], you can do something like this:<br /><br />$ins_wic_transaction_trs->addColumn("name_trs", "STRING_TYPE", "SESSION", "{user_info}", "");<br /><br />Try something like this as a work around:<br /><br />Before this line of code:<br />// Make an insert transaction instance<br /><br />Add:<br />$nameTrsIns = $_SESSION[user_info]['name'];<br /><br />Then change this:<br />$ins_wic_transaction_trs->addColumn("name_trs", "STRING_TYPE", "SESSION", "<variable goes here>", "");<br /><br />To this:<br /><br />$ins_wic_transaction_trs->addColumn("name_trs", "STRING_TYPE", "VALUE", "$nameTrsIns");<br /><br />Hope this helps.<br /><br />Shane
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            So thats the issue, i was really wondering why it didnt work while it looked ok :)

            Thanks Shane, ill be fine now.

            Kind regards,