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    Show If Conditional Region Help Needed

      HI I'm a newbie web developer + newbie to the forum. well let me tell what i want to do

      I've a feedback form with 3 fields "name", "email", "comment" and a submit button. I've validate them using spry. now when an user press submit button i want to show a message like "thanks for ur feedback..." but to show this message i don't wanna create new page. I want to have the text in the feedback page. it will only be shown if the form has been submitted successfully. that's why i wanna use ADDT's Show If Conditional Region feature but i dont know how to do that.

      how can i manage this either using PHP / Javascript

      i mean if the form is submitted then show it or else not. what would be the expression for this.

      i need urgent help plz
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          mohnkhan Level 1
          Well if u want to show it on the same form after successful submit,
          then u need to do some more changes, implement a hidden div
          and write it with the contents of whatever message u want to show.

          AJAX is the answer in short.

          without form submit i don't think you can submit a ADDT form, you will need to write quite a handful of javascript to accomplish this.