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    How can I learn PHP?


      I am interested in learn how to manage databases, files, etc with the use of PHP?

      Can someone sugest me how can I do that?

      Thank you
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          Goggle it out..

          search for php cookbooks..
          quick or fast tutorials..
          which will give a good start.

          Then of course you could go buy some video tutorials like
          dynamic development with php for dreamweaver..
          1. Lynda.com
          2. VTC
          3. CBT Nuggets
          4. Learnkey

          you can also get some video tutorials for free on these sites and other websites..

          then the traditional Civilized method of learning. go buy books.
          Typical names of books are..
          php for dummies
          php in 10 hours
          php in 24 hours
          php in 7/31 days
          A to Z of php
          Php bible
          php unleashed.
          Professional Php
          php in a nutshell

          Hope this helps
          I am not affiliated to Adobe or any company here.. just trying to help people out.
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            Thank you so much!!!!
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              I already have Dreamweaver. Do I need to purshase and extension PHP or something? Is there a PHP tutorial within Dreamweaver tutorial?....or they are separate programs?

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                mohnkhan Level 1
                Well to learn PHP you don't need to purchase anything at all.

                All you need is time and will wish to learn..
                Google is ur best friend.
                almost everything below the sun u can find you can find it by using Google.
                and.. about books you can buy them start with a basic easy book..
                which is not to big to bore you.. or drill a hole in your brain.

                Then pick up an advanced book..

                When u start learning php start writing in simple text editor..

                then you will learn by your mistakes..
                after 1-2 days of practice when u feel ur confident of catching errors..

                start using dreamweaver.

                You need to buy extensions only to do some serious professional stuff.
                most tutorials are free

                They are not inbuilt in dreamweaver..

                but on adobe site you can find tutorials... too

                ADDT is a framework which helps u do some professional things faster..

                u can first try a trial version of ADDT.,
                then buy one....

                This is only after you know how to program in php.

                Enjoy learning php.
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                  mohnkhan Level 1
                  Ahh i forgot to ask you.
                  do you use windows or mac ?

                  if you use windows download WAMP..
                  it will help u get started with php faster..
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                    Thank you again for your help.
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                      I have Windows Vista. I also forgot to ask you. What is the difference between PHP and ASP?

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                        mohnkhan Level 1
                        ASP is in two flavors.
                        ASP classic the good old asp.
                        it can use vbscript for its full power, else.. javascript.. or
                        perl possibly anything..
                        u can get activex controls commercial ones to do anything u can imagine of

                        ASP dot net is based on dot net technology.
                        completely redesigned
                        very powerful, but bloat ware a little.
                        for ASP.NET too u have many commercial controls..
                        Lang used in it is C# VB .net..

                        PHP is the Open source thing,
                        its main strength is anything u think of it has been already made by someone somewhere, and is free open source too probably so that u can use their work to build upon.

                        U can use dreamweaver CS3 to do all of this..
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                          Thank you. I will learn PHP.

                          Have a nice day.