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    login loser...

      It seems to be one thing after another... (I'm not complaining; it's been a great learning experience and the advice I've received from others on the list has been terrific. Thanks to all!)

      My login page loads now, but I can't log in... I'm getting an invalid password error for an account / record I created yesterday, even though I'm using the correct password. The indicated point of failure is 'AFTER.Trigger_Login_CheckLogin*' Argh!!!

      Has anyone had this problem or know what might be causing it?
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          Follow-up: I thought the problem might be caused by not having a registration page, so I went ahead and set one up. I was able to successfully register, which took me to my login page. (Oddly, I deselected 'send e-mail greeting' but the registration page still showed the 'registration successful, check e-mail for details' message...)

          However, when I tried logging in with the newly registered username and password, I was denied entry and given the 'invalid password' message. The tNG Execution Trace shows that the failure occurred at 'AFTER.Trigger_Login_CheckLogin*' (at least I think so, as it's highlighted in red).

          I'm stumped here.
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            I've learned through other forums that this error is caused by ticking the encrypt password check box under "login Settings -> Options". I too have this problem and cannot find any real documentation on how ADDT works with encryption from the database. I'm hoping someone figures this out soon or will show us how make this work.
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              Hi -

              I'm just learning this stuff too. I have just implemented an encrypted password login page and hope this might help a bit. Just the highlights - I just got hosed posting the same message 3 times trying to get around this quick edit thing. I'm know there's other experts who know this much better, but since I did this yesterday, this might get you started trying to debug yours.

              I'm using php, and these are the steps I took for my login php form:

              assuming: registration form is saving the password as encrypted in your database, in a VARCHAR of at least 40 chars (for the encryption).

              assuming: password form text is type="password" and name="pwd"

              After inserting the login user server behavior,
              In the first line of your php code after database include:
              if (isset($_POST['pwd'])) { $_POST['pwd'] = sha1($_POST['pwd']); }

              so that the password the user types gets encoded to compare with the encoded password saved from your registration form.

              This works for me anyways and resolved the encrypted password issue.

              Now if I can only get my own restricted access pages going!! :)
              Good luck!