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    Error converting image     get error msg when trying to display thumbnail

    mrcharis2003@yahoo.c Level 1
      Hi there

      Me again

      I am having some problems displaying thumbnails

      I keep getting the error

      Error converting image (create thumbnail). The "...........public_html/productimages/thumbnails/" folder has no write permissions.

      So I go to my host and change write permissions on the files to 755 and try again and get the same msg

      Then I contacted my host and changed the permissions to 777 and I went to the includes config file and changed the permissions to 777 too and still does not work

      So I go to my cpanel and check all the files are set to 777 I make a new test page with a dynamic table and show thumbnail behavior and get the same error msgs

      So I close DW restart and try again and get the same msg.......

      So then I check the file permissions in the DW split screen window when connected to server..... I right click on some files on my server.... namely the 'thumbnails' file and check its permission and it is only set to 755 but in my host it is set to 777

      So I try to change ppermissions from DW and get the
      "setting access properties failed for: ' error

      So what is the correct permissiion..... 755 or 777?

      I have read two other posts on this forum and I still cant get to work

      Does anyone have any ideas

      I have used up all my options and most of my patience

      I hope I can get this working asap....

      Have a nice day