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    Image Upload - Not adding data to database?


      I am having some issues

      I am using multiple image upload with database....

      What its doing it uploading the images, and adding the iamge name to the database, but its not adding any other fileds.

      here is the database code... part

      // Add columns
      $ins_photo->addColumn("ID_CAT", "STRING_TYPE", "POST", "select2", "{POST.select2}");
      $ins_photo->addColumn("ID_SUB", "STRING_TYPE", "POST", "select3", "{POST.select3}");
      $ins_photo->addColumn("ID_ALBUM", "STRING_TYPE", "POST", "select4", "{POST.select4}");
      $ins_photo->addColumn("ID_REGION", "STRING_TYPE", "POST", "select1", "{POST.select1}");
      $ins_photo->addColumn("ID_COUNTRY", "STRING_TYPE", "SERVER",, "{SERVER.COUNTRY}");

      $ins_photo->addColumn("created_by", "STRING_TYPE", "SESSION", "kt_login_user", "{SESSION.kt_login_user}");
      $ins_photo->addColumn("create_date", "STRING_TYPE", "VALUE", "");
      $ins_photo->addColumn("modified_date", "STRING_TYPE", "VALUE", "");

      The only one that works and inserts is the login one...

      Any help on this please?