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    Insert validation BEFORE not working

      I have an insert/update form where I've added a Build Condition to the Validation Form server behavior. Its not working.

      What I need to happen is that when I click the submit button, if there are 2 or less rows with the same time (a field in the test table), then an error should appear and the form should not submit.

      On this form, I have this recordset:
      SELECT COUNT(*) as cnt
      FROM test

      So, in the Validation Form server behavior Build Condition I have {Recordset1.cnt} >= 2

      Regardless what I do, the form submits and the recordset row is added. Am I missing something obvious?
      I've tried changing the >= to <= and I've added a WHERE test.time = time variable but nothing has worked so far with the Build Condition.

      Please help!