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    Multiple Image Upload With Send To Database


      How to i get dynamic data to submit to the database with this function of ADT?

      I have set it all up, but whats happening is, only blank data is been sent to the database...

      The data is declared, but then gets wiped as the function in theory refreshed the page before it adds to the database...

      Ie, the trigger is triggered by clicking the button, which refreshed the page...

      So how do i keep the values alive and thus been able to add the to the database?

      Thanks for any help
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          mohnkhan Level 1
          I don't get your point what you mean by IT.
          1. Is it ur trying to save the image in database ?
          2. I belive ADDT can upload ur file and save the name to field in database.
          3. is the button u r speaking about part of the transaction ?

          May be u can post a little more info about what you want to achieve.
          so that somebody here on forum can help you.

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            I use this function successfully, without any snags or hangups.. (i didn't discover it for the longest time, as its not accessible from server behaviors, just insert bar..)

            I do, though, notice that whatever I set the redirect page to, it still only redirects to itself. (or, maybe I fixed it, but I recall some kind of weirdness with THAT aspect.)

            maybe just read the help carefully, maybe ur just missing something easy? I love this one because I couldn't use the other multiple image upload without it renaming files..