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    Making a Search Form


      How would i go about making a search form?

      My issues are the following:

      I have a

      - catagory
      - sub catagory
      - country
      - region
      - keyword

      I want the records to reflect the above...


      If someone selects a catagory, i want all records that have that catagory in them returned...

      I noticed it gets hard when i want to filter by only one of the above if the users wants, but then another uses may want to filter by all 5...

      I know there is a filter wizard, but i need a way for catagory and sub-catagory to be defined by variables, as those options are in the form of a menu...
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          Günter Schenk Level 4

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            mohnkhan Level 1
            I believe this functionality is already present in ADDT's filter.
            try the ADDT dynamic list wizard once again on a new page..
            which has all these criterion...

            For me at least it works..

            about writing manual search.. Yes i have also done that too..
            but its in ASP.

            U need to build SQL search string dynamically

            by checking if anything has been entered in any of the Text/check boxes/Menu selected etc..,

            concept is something like..

            if textColumnXYZ ! = ""
            MySqlString + = " table.column " + like % + textColumnXYZ
            MySQLString = MySqlString

            this is the pseudocode concept.

            Hope this helps..

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              Level 1

              I follow that 100%

              Might go the dynamic way you said, as the ADDT filter function uses sessions for filters...

              Thanks again
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                Joseph07888 Level 1

                You could create a simple form with the text fields or drop downs.

                Post that to the results page, where your recordset will retreave the information from the URL Param.

                If you need help with this let me know.

                p.s. it would also depend on the demand of your sites search.