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    displaying data from recordset set - 2 in a row

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      I am trying to display data from recordset set, OK , say I have an image gallery that the image paths are stored in a database using developer toolbox, then I want to display al the images on the site, but I want it to be displayed 1 image next to another image then drop down to another row and do the same with all the images from the recordset, it could be 10 images or it could be 50 images.
      Here is an example of what I am talking about -


      I have like the news and such database driven, but everytime the guy wants a new video up, I manually do it on the site and I would much rather have all the videos database driven but the way it needs to be displayed is confusing me,
      first image left, second image right
      third image left fourth image right

      and so on.
      I hope I explained myself good.
      Thanks alot