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    Update Record Transaction Not Working

      I have created a form (not via the Update Record Wizard) with two checkboxes, meant to update two Y/N fields in my users table. I added the Update Record Transaction and filled out the options correctly (I thought). However, when I click OK...

      1) No action is added to the form's action field. This always happens when I don't use the Wizard...

      2) After I add the action myself, by copying it from another form's action, and attempt to update the table in Firefox using my form, nothing happens. I uncheck one of my boxes to test it and click Submit. After a second, the box re-checks itself and the table is not updated.

      I would personally rather create the forms myself because they're easier to customize than using the Wizard and skins, but every time I add a transaction to my own form nothing happens! Any ideas?