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    spry & developer toolbox

      I can add a tabbed spry with dynamic info in each tab but I really want to add a dynamic list to it. It is not such a problem to add all the list into one tab but what about splitting the list up under different tabs?

      I am trying to do it at the moment but as soon as I split the data from the dynamic list up I cannot go back to edit threw the dynamic list wizard. Is there another way to do this? It would be ideal for many of the site I build.
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          No sugestions?
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            I'd be surprised if many, or any, have attempted to do this. I'm sure that's why there are no suggestions. Just to clarify, you are trying to split the dynamic list into parts and put these parts into a Spry tab?

            I'm afraid you're going to have to sacrifice the ability to edit the dynamic list if you want this to work. I can't see anyway that ADDT and Spry are going to work nicely on this. ADDT and Spry both depend on the code(php/html) being a certain way in order to function properly. If you start chopping ADDT dynamic list code into Spry divs, you will unfortunately loose all ability for ADDT to recognize its code patterns.

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              Just edit the source code.

              Not too helpful, but unless you are a programmer you will probably need to restructure how you approach the problem staying within the architectural constraints of both ADDT and Spry. Separation of features, often by using more repetetive and obtuse feeling designs. ADDT uses and supports a rather primitive subset of standards relational database models so it is typically necessary to go through 2 or 3 layers of abstraction to directly achieve a result as one would normally envision a result.

              In this case, one is often limited to a single instance of ADDT objects, so perhaps using a Spry Repeat List or such might work better.
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                Thanks for the input guys, pity it cannot to be done by conventional ways guess I will just have to carry on manually coding it.