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    Tutorial Announcement .:: Amazing Image Gallery ::.

    Waleed Barakat Level 1

      Hello Friends...

      Today`s Tutorial: Amazing Image Gallery

      By following this tutorial we will use Dreamweaver Cs3 and Developer Toolbox to build a basic Image Gallery web application.

      The final application will allow users to:
      Organize images into albums.

      determine which album whether starred or not!

      View a list of all uploaded albums.

      Upload new images to albums.

      Delete images from the albums and server too.

      View and browse all albums images.

      determine which image whether starred or not.

      View a random album each time the gallery is reloaded in the browser.

      View thumbnails of the latest albums.

      This tutorial contains three main sections
      grouping images into albums.

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      Best Regards
      Waleed Barakat
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          I've been slaving over something almost JUST like this. im not tutorial writer, but have been anxious to finish and share with this forum.

          mine is all user controlled albums and images, including arranging the order and visibility on site. it uses spry - the adore spry gallery demo was my starting point.

          hopefully ill be able to share any day now, but im looking forward to checking out yours!

          ben blue
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            Waleed Barakat Level 1
            Hello Ben Blue
            sharing you work with others is something you should be proud of, i know the time is too hard for every one specially tutorials writers but i try to help...

            and if i need to use the options you talking about "photos visibility, or spry or whatever it is so easy but i need the normal users of dreamweaver and ADDT to just have the basics and with your imagination and those tools you can do more than any one can expect!