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    ADDT Server-Side Includes from Table - Great stuff this - but....

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      Have setup a file to be used as the includes page using the Server-Side Includes from Table wizard and noticed in the Help for this SB here: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Dreamweaver/9.0_ADDT/help.html?content=MXK3_049a20_SSIFromTab le.htm
      the following advice:
      "Note: If a table record has in the URL_pag column (where the URL parameter values are stored) no value entered, then the associated file will be loaded by default in browser."

      So, I setup the Includes file to be the site index.php file and created a file to be used as the Home page together with various other pages for the site. All pages have dynamic content for meta title, meta keywords, meta description, a banner image and page content. And, using a combo of Spry Menus and ADDT's nested repeat regions to generate an XML file for the dynamic Spry Menu, everything works great. Except:

      When I attempt to load the site home page (which has a NULL value for the URL parameter as described above) all I see is the meta title in the browser's task bar. If I look at the generated source for the home page it reveals the meta data, but where data should be in the body section of the page there is no data. There are however within the Body section of the page, all the links to the various js and css files.

      Obviously, the includes/mxi directory and files are loaded to the test server.

      In the SSI From Table wizard I have the following:
      Connection: connABCD
      Table: pages_pag
      URL Param value: menulabel_pag (This value is used in the site nav menu and for the Home page the value is NULL)
      Filename: filename_pag
      Page title: metatitle_pag
      Meta keywords: metakeywords_pag
      Meta Description: metadescription_pag
      The URL Paramater name is: page

      I notice in the body section of the includes file (my index.php) the ADDT code is:

      $incFileName = $mxiObj->getCurrentInclude();
      if ($incFileName !== null) {
      require(basename($incFileName)); // require the page content

      Can anyone tell me if I am missing something here ??