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    Thumbnails not working

      I'm trying to create a photo gallery. In the admin aspect of the photo gallery, the thumbnails work.

      In the main part of the photo gallery, the thumbnails will work on the album page but not inside the album.

      This is the second time that I've run into this. I checked the kt_config.inc.php file and changed the folder mode to 777. Still wouldn't work.

      The pages are located here:

      Is this a bug in ADDT? This is really holding me up on something that should be soo easy to do.

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          I'm a complete novice but have managed to create and edit a photo gallery. Thumbnails cannot be edited within the gallery only positioned in sequential order. Of corse I have now lost the completed gallery in a Kafkaeque labaryth of filing contradictions but hey, i'm only a stick insect and I should'nt be surprised at this.
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            I know it is silly but although I have managed to create an online gallery, edited properly,captions, colour adjusts etc I cannot retrive it from the filing system. Nothing seems to allow me access to the several versions I have created. The final page of the gallery just says save although I have just read that there are more elaborate ways to do this. In Windows the thing is fragmented into all sorts of functions; flash players and html and manifests and I dont know how to assemble them (the Humpty Dumpty syndrome I call it) I'm doing something fantastically stupid can anyone help?
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              I don't know if you solved this, but I have trouble understanding the problem <g><br /><br />Can you explain it simply?