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    Looping table cells....... is it possible to loop more than one table cell?

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      Hi there

      Hope everyone is doing well

      I have been using the addt looper wizard and it works great.....

      I usually put all the things I want to loop into one cell.... then select all the things and apply the looper.... which works fine....

      But..... it is hard to align all the elements I want to loop
      I have been using transparent gif images to space the loops evenly but when I space dynamic taxt on top of each other there is a large gap.....

      It is a nightmare to get it looking even

      Ok say I want to loop this.....

      A thumbnail
      Product ID

      It would look like this

      A thumbnail

      Product ID


      Because I cannot reduce the space between the lines......

      So I would like to place all the different elements in separate table cells and loop them..... I have tried and get really strange results....

      When you look at most online shops, their product pages have a thumbnail image the id, price, description, etc.... all spaced evenly.... and looks like is looped...... So.... how do I do it?

      Is there any easier way to align the things I want to loop?

      Any help would be great