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    Tutorial Announcemnt .:: Building Instant Photo Upload Results Script ::.

    Waleed Barakat Level 1

      Hello Everyone...

      Herein this tutorial i`ll show you how to build an instant photo upload results script that allow your site members to instantly view the uploaded image right after the form submitted without any redirection to other pages.

      This option is very popular in many big sites that have membership systems, allowing members to upload photos and create albums etc...

      Our application today for this script is only one solo page, where you can:
      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------

      1- Create your album only (1) album allowed.
      2- Upload photos to your album (6) photos limited.
      3- (Through_Error) (STARTER) validation type, where you cannot upload any image unless you created album first.
      4- instant view of uploading image(s) and update it any time.
      5- (show/hide) the create album form using (show_if_conditional_region).
      6- show uploaded image(s) thumbnails.

      Note: You should register an account to use this script, that`s because i should insert (kt_login_id) value the logged in user against every album created.

      All this options holded in one solo page.

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      Best Regards
      Waleed Barakat
      Developer-Online Creator and programmer