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    Tutorial Announcement .:: Dynamic Rich Balloon Tooltip ::.

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      Hello Everyone...
      Today`s tutorial is very amazing one, because i`ll show you how to make your dynamic links looks very cool by adding "Rich Dynamic Balloon Tooltip" to it.

      » Dynamic Rich Balloon Tooltip Description:

      This is a balloon style tooltip that can be applied to any link(s) on the page. What sets it apart is where it gets the tooltip messages- from Dynamic DIV elements on the page containing the desired tooltip conten that retrieved dynamically from database recordsett.

      This fact means you can easily define tooltips with rich HTML and images inside them. In other words, any dynamic content can now easily become a tooltip message, whether you're manually defining the tooltips, or dynamically generating them using server side languages.

      The tooltip supports an optional arrow image that like the tooltip itself, dynamically adjusts itself if it's too close to any four corners of the browser window.

      » Logic of the script:

      The main and important part of this tutorial is how to retrieve the tooltip data to be generated dynamically from one of your database recordset table.

      1- Adding the required "css" & "javascript" files in the head section.
      2- Create the recordset that retrieve dynamic "Link(s)" from your database table.
      3- Define the data "DIV" holder values to repeated with each record dynamically.

      Each "DIV" holds the data for that dynamic link, and it should have unique "ID" this unique "ID" should match the real record "ID" that generated from database, otherwise the tooltip will repeated ok but with the ever first record in your database, so you should be aware of that "DIV ID" very well.

      What to Do? read the full tutorial to know more...

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