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    Tutorial Announcement :: Dynamic DropDwon Accordion Panel ::

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      Today`s tutorial is very powerful one, because i`ll show you how to make your dynamic links looks like web 2.0 dynamic liks by adding "DropDown Accordion Panel" to it.

      » Dynamic DropDown Accordion Panel Description:
      One of the most versatile scripts of its kind, this script created to show you how to compact arbitrary content on your page so they're expandable on demand. This allows you to save space within your webpage and even add to the aesthetics of the webpage's design in many cases. What sets this script apart from most other you'll find are the following features:

      Works unobtrusively in all modern browsers. Those with JavaScript disabled will simply see all the contents expanded by default.

      Supports multiple "groups" of switch contents on the same page, each with their own independent settings.

      Decide whether to collapse previous content when expanding the current, so only one content can be open at any time.

      Specify arbitrary HTML to prefix the headers to indicate open and closed states, such as an open and closed bullet image.

      Set the color of the headers when its content is open or closed, respectively.

      Supports persistence of content states using session or non-session cookies, so navigating away from the page and revisiting it won't reset their states.

      Specify which contents (if any) should be expanded by default. Note that cookie feature if enabled overrides this setting.
      Most of the features listed are optional and can be enabled/ disabled as desired. Yes your mind is running wild with ideas now...

      Have fun sliding content up and down

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