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    Using QuB to build queries with datetime manipulation

      I am trying to build a select query that uses that compare two datetime strings passed from 2 post fields. But i dont know how to get it to work.
      When any value from an external source is passed to a dreamweaver script it initialises it:

      $KTColParam1_rsReport1 = "0";
      if (isset($_POST["DATE_RESOLVED"])) {
      $KTColParam1_rsReport1 = $_POST["DATE_RESOLVED"];

      $KTColParam2_rsReport1 = "0";
      if (isset($_POST["DATE1_RESOLVED"])) {
      $KTColParam2_rsReport1 = $_POST["DATE1_RESOLVED"];


      now this is the tricky part i am having difficulty getting these values to pass to the sql and be compared here:

      SELECT CONCAT(client_master.FIRST_NAME,' ',client_master.LAST_NAME) AS CL, ....... AND issue_master.DATE_RESOLVED BETWEEN %s AND %s

      I am thinking the the first "%s" will be parsed with the value from $KTColParam1_rsReport1 and the second with the next but it does not work. Has anyone been able to get much datetime manipulations going with QuB and if so could you help. Thanks in advance.