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    Tutorial Announcement .:: Saving Search Results Application ::.

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      Hello Everyone...

      » Introduction
      Today`s tutorial is very useful and required for every dynamic web sites, its [save search results].

      Save search results application allows your site [members] to search through you website for certain information, this information for the searcher is very very important in sites like [job applications] [RealEstate applications] etc...

      The searcher eventually found what he suffered looking for, now he need to keep the search results in save place in your website, so we need to give him the ability to do that safely and easely.


      » Application Logic:


      1- The searcher found the results he searched for.
      2- he think this is very important information and rarly found elsewhere.
      3- he need to be updated with this results [job] or [real] every time the record updated.
      4- the searcher found a link under every result he found tell him [Save result].
      5- visitor click the link [membership required] then [login] then [send the request to the saveing page] then [saved]
      6- every [member] has private results suite case.

      Also you should be aware of dublicating the results towice, which will give [SQL Error] message telling you the record already saved in the database, even if not for the ceritan member.

      So in the database section i`ll explian to you how to prevent record from [duplicated] and how to replcae the [defult error] message with custom message that suits you by checking the record id.

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