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    Help with Trigger - looping through SELECT results

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      How do I loop through a SELECT query within a Custom Trigger? I can
      execute the query fine, but the PHP mysql_xxx_xxx() functions don't
      appear to work inside a custom trigger. For example:

      This ends up empty:
      $totalRows_rsRecordset = mysql_num_rows($rsRecordset);

      While this returns the correct # of records:
      $totalRows_rsRecordset = $rsRecordset->recordCount();

      I need to loop through the records like I would with
      mysql_fetch_assoc(), but those mysql_xxx_xxx() don't seem to work.

      This works great outside a custom trigger, but fails inside a custom
      do {
      while ($row_Recordset= mysql_fetch_assoc($Recordset));

      What am I missing?

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