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    Tutorial Updated .:: How To Create a Dynamic RSS Feeds ::.

    Waleed Barakat Level 1
      Hello friends

      I just updated the Dynamic RSS Feeds tutorial to fit all user categories, beginners, intermediate, advanced users.

      Rss feeds is very useful within sites, as they allow integrating for you website content in an automatic manner. Just share the source for the RSS feed, and when the original content changes, it will reflect in the content you share with any one who subscribed in this Rss feeds sheet on your website.

      In this tutorial i`ll help adding an Rss feeds sheet to your website. Rss feeds will display the automatically changeable content of your website to the feeds subscribers, so they will have auto up to date content of your website.

      The main purpose of this tutorial is to create a page that allows visitors subscribe to the RSS Feed that they want to see from your website content, or even enter their own in a text box by searching through feeds. also you can define feeds categories if your website is an online store, merchant etc...

      :: Go to Tutorial ::

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