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    Internet Explorer allows double click on submit

    DdoubleU Level 1
      Im having a problem with my update and insert pages while using WindowsXP IE 7.

      The insert page will allow you to do multiple clicks on the insert/submit button. The insert button will not go grey after clicking on it. You can continue to click and you can hear the click click sound. After the double click(s), my Validate Form SB will tell me I have a duplicate User Name in the database. When I check, the insert has taken place. It does the first insert and then goes back to make the insert for the second click or the third or the fourth click.

      On my update page, I have a send e-mail SB. When you do a double click on this page, the page will send multiple e-mails. Itll send as many e-mail as you click.

      None of this happens in Safari or FireFox.

      I tried Disable Submit behavior but will not fix it: http://www.dmxzone.com/ShowDetail.asp?NewsId=7615

      I tried Submit Once and it didnt work either:

      Is there a fix for Internet Explorer?

      Do I have to do some sort of JavaScript code just for IE (whats the code), seems like this should be part of the Toolbox.