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    classified ads tutorial

      I already created a ads site acording to the mx Collection tutorial (http://www.interaktonline.com/Documentation/MXKollection/mx_kollection.htm#076000_tutori aljobsite.htm)

      In this site a logged user can publish many ads.
      Now a want to make a link page so a user can update the ads published.

      ads / title /
      1 / car shell /update/delet
      2 / home shell/update/delet

      My database its just like in the tutorial.

      I have no problema creating the ads update" when a user just have 1 ads published.

      I think this may be something like using the "nextensio" function but filtering the results by user.

      Any idea?
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          what you could do is filter a user's ads based on his session login id (kt_login_id). That way, when he is logged in, only his ads will be listed.

          Hope this helps.
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            Level 1
            well now I know how.
            1. click the "crate nextensi list wizar".
            2. in the step 1/4: get data from: select "record set". In record set name:click on "ad recorset". In the rs windows select the name, conection and table where the ads' information is stored. select the colums to display (I just need the ads name). In the filter select the idusr_ads (the one related with id in the user_usr table), select = , and sesion variable => kt_login_id. and click OK.

            back to the wizard 1/4 the primary key colum is "ads name" (well ads name it's not set as a primary key in the db so I think I must select the id_ads or idusr_ads in the previous step).
            In the step 2/4 click + and add ads name. and finish.

            now the table display just the user ads.