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    Help - strange insert error


      Using the table user_usr as a general registration/contact table

      ie users of the site who make contact - but dont want to register - insert there details
      we manually change them to active users with LI and PW if required later

      only form on page inserts into the user table -and doesnt have the login_usr field

      and I get the error

      tNG_fields.getColumnType: Column login_usr is not part of the current transaction.

      for a straight insert (using the ADDT insert wiz) where login_usr is not even on the page

      why do I get this error?

      user_usr.login_usr is not unique in the DB
      it is used on the site login page (and consequentially in the ADDT login prefs)
      (if I add login_usr to the insert transaction - the error goes away - but I don't want any reference to login_usr on the page, so I rather not leave this without knowing what's going on?)

      also getting an automatic unique 6 char password in the password field on every insert (when I include user_usr in the transaction fields) and password_usr is NOT in the transaction or on the page anywhere - MYSQL field is set to unique - didn't think that it created its own PWd's ?

      more info

      it error always echos the field name in the tng_config.inc.php that is used for login name
      ie in THIS case
      $tNG_login_config["user_field"] = "login_usr";

      so it looks like you cant insert into the table that you use for login and password storage
      using the insert wiz or the user reg wiz - if you don't include the user login fields as defined in tng_config.inc.php?